About Us

Hi! I'm Jenna, creator and owner of Everything Hewy ~The Only Infant Pants with Socks Attached~. I'm also wife to Lance and momma to Hewitt and Goldie. These pants were born out of a need to keep my baby's socks on! I had the idea when Hewitt was just a few months old and was determined to see this project through. I have chipped away at it during both my maternity leaves and I'm really excited they are ready to share with the world. 

Everything Hewy pants were designed primarily with functionality in mind but I've also been very conscious of using natural fabrics and a design that is of the utmost comfort to our sweet babes. 

My hope for these pants is to provide an easy, cozy, effortless and stylish pant option for your new baby's wardrobe. As I went through the process of creating this brand both of my kids wore every sample pair I had made and they were my go-tos. Airport, zoo, daycare, birthday parties - I never had to worry about losing a sock somewhere and although it sounds trivial, as a new parent any way to ease a bit of stress and make life simpler helps! 

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you love the pants as much as we do!